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. >>> two construction workers have been killed in a crane collapse on a college campus in texas. it happened yesterday afternoon in richardson texas at the university of texas at dallas as strong winds more than 40 miles an hour were passing through. students heard a loud crash and some of them say they thought it was thunder. >> we heard a loud just metal just hitting the ground, falling from the ground. i can't really explain the sound but, you know, the very loud sound. >> he said after that he heard the workers screaming. no university students or faculty were hurt but the crane was being used to build a large classroom building. >>> a new field poll shows that what kind of uphill climb senator dianne feinstein's opponent faces in the november senate race. feinstein leads 51% to 32% and when it comes to name recognition, 88% of people were able to give opinions of feinstein, only 35% were familiar with emkin, a republican businesswoman from danville. >>> san francisco's bicycle messengers may be pedaling their way onto the television screen. >> what's the best thing about be
inherited when his father died. >>> lightning killed and injured people in texas, georgia and the canadian province of ontario. three houses were hit if -- were hit in harris county, texas yesterday and if two people died. friday, lightning killed a man in georgia and that man leaves behind a very large family. >>> nine children are now missing our father because he was out here to have a nice afternoon. the man who died went into cardiac arrest after being knocked by lightning. it knocked him and his friend to the ground. >>> starting in sent the agency who sees consumer finances will -- september the agency who sees consumer -- who oversees consumer finances will answer to the consumer protection bureau. the government says since credit agencies have such control over personal finances, they need to have someone to answer to. the increase in costs, of tuition and tough, economic times are forcing families to cut back on the -- to cut back on the p spending. reports from sallie mae say parents spent 11% less on college costs this last year. that includes lowering costs and having students
. aspiring sports broadcaster jessica was remembered in texas. >> you put your dreams on hold, you stop that right now. you chase those dreams. you don't know how long you have here. >> 11 of the injured are still in the hospital. >>> out of tragedy comes generosity. a group of high schoolers held a fundraising bike ride. the teens set a goal of $1,000 and they raised $1,050. even they they didn't know the victims they felt compelled to help. >> i feel like it's human nature to help those in need. and so from one community to the other. >> the vacaville police officers association heard about the fundraiser and donated $100. proceeds will go to the aurora relief fund that helps families, memorial services and medical bills. >>> at least eight walmarts in missouri had to be evacuated because of bomb threats. police did not find anything suspicious. this is not the first time the discount chain has received threats to to walmart stores. >>> today rescue crews will try to recover the bodies of two americans that went missing on a mountain climbing trip in peru. the bodies of 32-year-old be
today in texas. in cincinnati yesterday, president obama pointed to aa tax notes studies that show romney's economic plan would create 800,000 jobs. >> there's only one problem, the jobs wouldn't be in america. they would not be in america. >> the romney team is fighting back, questioning the validity of that report and launching an ad campaign of its own, accusing president obama of cronyism, and making it sound like the president is singing a love song to companies that says got energy loans in exchange for campaign donations. ♪ i'm so in love with you ♪. [cheering] that ad has since been pulled from youtube because of some copyright objections. but mitt romney is expected to keep driving that line of attack during his campaign stop today in pennsylvania. reports live from washington dc, allison burns, ktvu news. >>> a new study claims automatic federal spending cuts will mean more than 2 million lost jobs. the economist who authored the new study says if congress doesn't settle the budget crisis, 2 million defense and domestic jobs will be cut, and the job cuts will begin ja
received a 20 year prison sentence for assaulting female teen knees in texas. but the prosecution labeled the 26-year-old walk center, he was a predator and raped and assaulted at least 10 trainees. >> we need a safe secure environment. unfortunately for the 10 victims. that was not the case. >> some of the victims testified that they can't sleep and don't trust money more. one woman broke off her engagement. another told her sister not to join the military. >> he is one of 12 obstruct tories who assaulted hour than 30 trainees. >> as we told you a few minutes ago. president obama will be speaking to shooting victims today and he will return with a trip to san francisco. air force one is scheduled to land at sfo at 7:15 tonight. he will speak to the veterans of foreign war convention and then raise money. there is $35,000 per person event in piedmont and evening fundraiser in downtown oakland. tickets go from 100 to $7,500. it will cause road closures including parts of tell graham avenue. san pueblo avenue and 17th through 20th avenues and perimeter and barricades will be set up tonight.
york, los angeles. now a city in texas beats them all. according to forbes magazine, houston, texas, this coolest big city in america. >>> forbes looked at arts, nightlife and employment when they came up with their top 20 list. los angeles and san francisco still made it into the top. the city of oakland by the way came in number 16. >> a couple of cities in the coolest. >> yeah. >> right sal? how is traffic? traffic cool? >> all i can say it is a very subjective list i am sure. >> yeah. >> good morning, let's take a look at the commute now. traffic is moving along pretty well. nice i would say you call it a cool commute. 80 westbound though slow. you can see it crowded down to the macarthur maze and traffic has not reached the bay bridge but it could reach the bay bridge. it looks like it is slow here. also the morning commute at the toll plaza has been light. it has been friday light here. remember tonight there is a giants-dodger game and also critical mass so you will see some slow traffic in the evening in san francisco. san jose commute has been good. we have been watching it
handed out child safety kits including tips to child safety. >>> fast food worker in texas will spend the next 22 years in prison for selling child pornography at the drive through of a wendy's. 36-year-old juan rosa confessed to the crime. he had been under surveillanceceps last summer when child -- surveillance since last summer when child porn was found on his computer. if they gave the password cooky doo he would slip -- scooby doo he would slip a usb into their french fry. >> there were children involved in other sex acts with children induments. >> he down loaded the videos but did not film them himselfs. >>> the family of joe paterno is responding to new attacks on the coach's reputation. he secretly negotiated a retirement package with penn state the same month he testified before a grand jury in the jerry sandusky sex abuse case. the $5.5 million deal included a $3 million bonus and perks including the use of the schools private plane. paterno's family insists it was school administrators that suggested the retirement package. and they say some benefits such as the plane were
. >>> 14-year-old jessica gawe moved to colorado from texas about a year ago and survived a deadly mall shoot nothing toronto last month. another 27 was shot three times and saved his girlfriend's life by diving on top of her. 12 were killed and 58 others injured. five remain in critical condition. >>> several dignitaries attended the funeral yesterday of an 18-year-old about to begin design school. many of those in attendance wore purple, his favorite color. two as far ass were held for another victim, 32-year-old rebecca wingo. a public service was held in denver and her family held a private memorial in her honor. she was known as a big hearted person with a bubbly personality. >>> accused killer james holmes will be formally charged on monday. authorities have seized a package he sent to the psychiatrist and say the materials are privileged and cannot be used in court. there is reportedly a notebook mapping out plans for a massacre. the defense is accused of leaking details about the case to the media. police fear copy cats and it almost happened in maryland. coming up, the alleged
is just north of san diego. >>> investigators in south texas trying to figure out what led up to this crash that killed 13 people and ten others to the hospital. all of them are riding in one pickup truck. deputies say the truck crashed no two trees last night. we still don't know why the driver lost control. >>> oakland police are searching for two men who shot at a highway patrol car. it happened saturday night near the ramp to 8 0. police say he was chasing a black van when a black acura appeared and started to ram the patrol car and then someone in the car shot at the officer. the officer was not hit but mission rear window was shattered. officers found the van afterwards and arrested the two men. >>> full containment is expected for a wire confeigned. according to calfire, it's not 85% contained and has burned 528 acres. no homes have been damaged. >>> fire crews are city -- are trying to figure out what cautioned a brush fire that burned 100 feet from homes in advantage kaville. the fire started yesterday afternoon. it burned about 75 acres and fire crews remain on beom
. that is all the giants would get. they drop that one 2-1. texas would go the rangers offense just too much for the oakland a's. the rangers had a one-run lead in the fifth when josh hamilton hits that 21 shot of the season. the a's also committed two errors in that inning. the rangers go on to win 7-2. >>> your time is 7:40. cleanup is under way in indiana this morning. we will show you what thunderstorms left behind there and what is being blamed for the destruction of four homes. >> new jersey governor chris christy calls a reporter stupid. we'll show you the encounter and tell you what mitt romney had to say about it. >> let's give you a live look. there is the bay bridge toll plaza on this great sunday morning. you can see traffic moving along just fine. no major problems to report for you. 7:41 this is mornings on 2. >>> good morning, to you. a live look at the fog over san francisco this morning. so soupy. we can't even sees bridge at this hour from here. >> all right your time is 7:43. the national weather service is issuing warning for 14 states as another heat wave hits the southe
and al qaeda. he is being sent to a health facility in texas for further examination. >>> pete spark got irritated with a reporter saying he was asking stupid questions, a reporter asked him about his campaign staff for the upcoming november election. starke caused the news conference to talk about issues. he is facing a close race against democrat eric stillwell. >>> a player has been banned from the dugout for a year. todd steven son is a coach for the athletics class a team in modesto. he was suspended for telling his pitchers to intentionally ba lk players. the team ended up winning 7-6 in 18 innings, the game lasted more than five hours. >>> oakland could be the first city to boycott gold man sacks. the bank is threatening to threaten an investment deal to cost the city nearly $4 million. it stems from an interest rate swap. there was a deal entered into 1998 to protect itself from interest rate spikes but the rates have remained low and gold man has paid $32 million than it has received so far. >>> the u.s. olympic committee will not make a bid to hos the winter games in 2022 and t
quickly. texas rangers and twins might need this week's all star break to calm their nerves. it was lightning and thunder that created a brief moment of panic. ranger roy oswalt was getting ready to throw. several players went running. created a 45 minute delay before the rangers won 4-3. who is that guy? >> nolan ryan: >>> 6 troops killed yesterday in a roadside bombing. they were americans. the taliban claimed responsibility for the bombing. nato has given no other details. so far this year. >>> a congressional committee several u.s. generals delayed an infection where afghan soldiers were abused. the u.s. paid more than $100 million to help the afghans run the national military hospital. however, a retired air force doctor who worked at the hospital from february 2010 to february 2011 said the soldiers at the hospital suffered horrible abuse and the u.s. knew about it. >> patients were beaten. when they complained about no medicine. >> and you are not supposed to worry about that? >> that's what we were told. >> as generals in charge delayed an infection because it didn't
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12